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Seriously Single - Movie Review

Dineo is a social media expert who finds herself in and out of short-term relationships, while her best-friend has clearly defined rules for keeping it short and sweet. See the movie trailer and read the movie review on our Box Office page.

PODCAST interview with the team from 'At The Roundtable' Podcast Show

Recently Enjoy Life Magazine had the pleasure of hosting a live interview with the cast of 'At The Roundtable' Podcast Show. The team (Carey Digsby, Adrian Bittle, aka A- Money, and Melissa Barlett) all seem to have good chemistry. Their good vibes, humor, and down-to-earth approach to topics are probably why the show is off to a great start reaching over 1,000 listeners and viewers each time they broadcast.
They have a vested interest in serving their community hence the slogan "The peoples' podcast. LISTEN NOW!

RELATE TO LOVE - Read "Love and Laughter"

If you’re happy and you know it, laugh out loud! How often do you laugh and play with your significant other? This month inside “Relate to Love” we explore what scientific research says about couples who laugh together. 

Beauty & Fashion -  To Color or Not

To color or not that is the question! So, you've taken all the necessary steps to protect your beautiful natural coils, curls, or locks. Is it safe to color? Will all your hard work be in vain?

Creatively Written features youth author Azaria Hawkins!

Azaria is an Atlanta native and her dream is to become the next Tyler Perry in screenwriting. Not only does she produce amazing stories, she is a dancer on her school's dance team. Her favorite thing about writing is that it allows her to give others something or someone that they can relate to. Azaria dances and write, but she is also a first violin student. As a middle school scholar, she continues to advance in school with outstanding grades.  READ MORE!


Music Box - The Sentimental Notes of Daniel Coulanges

Enjoy Life Magazine's story of month comes from Yanatha Desouvre. Listen to the story, "The Sentimental Notes of Daniel Coulanges" right here, just click play video.

Healthy Life - Charles Mattocks introduces the first ever doc-series that educates and implements a plan to Reverse the affects of diabetes!

How much do you know about diabetes? Is it even a matter of concern for you?
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