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Sugar, Spice and Ice

SuGaR, SpICe & iCe

On any given day I feel as sweet as sugar as hot as a spice and sometimes I'm cool as ice. I think I'm above average crazy ... no only when my girls are fighting, the dishes are dirty and my son is 30-40 minutes late past his curfew. Yes, it is during times like that when I go from being sweet as sugar to hot as a spice and then I cool down. I'd like to share my world and what makes it go around. Give me a cup of coffee and a dim light and I'll even share my views on current events, politics, and entertainment. If you're lucky enough to catch me on a fabulous day I may even share a true love story. Who knows ... it all depends on my suga’ level Enjoy the read and don't forget to comment when can!

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