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By Addicted2StylezCrac, LLC
Wardrobe Stylist: Sheila G.


Ladies have you ever had a date with a guy you really liked and had a really challenging time trying to find an outfit to wear for that night? I mean the finer he is the harder it can get for us in trying to make the best selection on an outfit that will leave him breathless! We get so emotional and we want to impress him so much that the perfect outfit could be directly in our face and we could not see it! Ladies have you ever said this: “Girl guess who I’m going out with tonight?” “Girl who?” your girl friend says; “The fine brother from the gym, and I don’t have anything to wear so let’s go shopping!” Ladies I’m telling you to relax I’m here to assist you; if you can’t find anything to wear with your prospect to dinner.

1. First things first men like simple sexy attire! But keep in mind there is a huge difference between “sexy classy” and “sexy tacky” so be careful because first impressions are lasting impressions. You don’t want to come off to sexy because he will try his best to get some ass at the end of the date sense that it is all you are displaying. It’s important not to show all of your goodies but you want to let him know what you are working with a package.

 classy way!

2. Understand that every outfit is not for every shape; meaning if you are a plus sized woman please don’t  squeeze in a size to small! That is a fashion No! No! Instead work with the curves you have and select an outfit that complements your curves in a

3. No loud colors please! You will turn him off and you will be the topic of discussion to his boys.

4. Do not try to color coordinate with what he is wearing please that is super tacky and you will be reported to the fashion police!

5. Don’t under or over dress; if you get frustrated because you can’t find “the perfect outfit”.

6. Chipped finger nails or toe nails will throw you “OUT” the Fashionista Club! Ladies understand that the dude that you are going crazy about may be just as excited as you are about going out, but his wardrobe selections will be simple. So please relax ladies it’s serious but it’s not that serious.

What you will need:

1. Sweet Perfume
2. Pedicure and manicure
3. Classy modern hair style
4. Good Attitude

 Ladies if you are wearing a dress please make sure that it is a perfect cut for your body. What that means is shop your size!

Dress the occasions ladies, if you are going bowling on the first date, please don’t wear a tight dress n heels lol.

 If you are going to dinner: A nice cocktail dress works, or a cute skirt with a sexy top that reveals some cleavage but not too much.

Example: hair hanging down parted in the middle, a nice black dress with red lip stick, leopard pumps, a clutch bag and matching pink pedicure and manicure. If you are going out to an outside venue: You have options you can either wear a skirt, or pants or if it’s a sporting event you have the option of wearing shorts, but be mindful of the length of the skirt or shorts.

Example: hair in a ponytail, True Religion Skinny Jeans, half silk top, cute accessories and pumps or sandals & Mac lip gloss. BEBE, Betsy Johnson & Cache are great places to find sexy, unique garments for your date. Saks Fifth Ave, Nordstrom’s & Bloomingdales are great department stores if you want to purchase everything in one department store such as, perfume, beauty supplies, hair products, shoes and your outfit. Bloomingdales staffs are very helpful in assisting you in finding the perfect selections; they also have wardrobe stylists available who will personalize your outfit.

Lastly understand that your first date is like going to a job interview; especially if it’s a blind date, so be
mindful of the selections you choose, but also have fun! We all are unique and have a way of expressing
our own individual style. Take my advice, I would not lie.

“Pinky Promise!”


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BEaUtY & fAsHiOn

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