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New York based Raaj Rahhi is an innovative Film and television Director & Producer. He is a creative production professional of international repute. His experience in the entertainment industry in USA, India, Indonesia, Australia, NZ, UK, Africa and other parts of the world gave him a unique distinction of understanding global cinema- essentially the complex production process. Raaj produced more than 15 international films in different languages. He directed five independent films like Shut up! Silent Whisper, Beyond Life, Access to Bollywood (Documentary) and The Scare. Besides the many films he’s also the associate & co-director for Bollywood and International languages. Raaj has vast experience in creatively producing TV shows and television commercials. Our  Lakesha Woods recently discussed with him, his journey as an independent film maker.

Lakesha: Why did you decide to become a film director and producer?


Raaj: During my college days I wanted to be a film maker. As my parents wanted me to become a doctor. I_got admission in medical college After that I am medical college dropout turned Journalist and started my career as film critics. After that I decided to focus on films and television production. After working for numerous movies decided to promote independent cinema because it gives opportunity to fresh talent and ideas.


Lakesha: Was there anyone who mentored you or gave you help to pursue your career?


Raaj: I’m a self-made man. The journey has been inspiring and there are many people from inside and outside the industry who have mentored and inspired me from time to time and I’m lucky to have found such people. Started my career from Bollywood and worked with many International productions. During my film career journey I travel to Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Australia, New Zealand and many mores.


Lakesha:: Please tell us about some of your previous work?


Raaj: I have 20 years of experience in television and movie making and I can tell that amongst the variety of works that I have done for films and television; I enjoy my work as a producer and director. I’ve worked for more than a dozen companies like Multivision Plus, Parkit Films, Jackie Chen Production House, Zee TV and Star International Network, Time-Warner Brothers, HBO, and many more.  It has given me the opportunity to meet fresh talent and work on new ideas. I produced more then 15 international films in different languages. I directed five independent films like Shut up! Silent Whisper, Beyond Life, Black Home, Access to Bollywood (Documentary) and Oass.

Lakesha::  Tell us about the movie “OASS”, and what issues are brought to the surface in this film?

Raaj: I believe that the movie title Oass is Hindi Language word which means Dew Drop in English. Oass is based on a real life incident; we wanted the film to be as close to reality as possible. Even the sub plots in the script are real stories from brothels and the lanes and by-lanes surrounding them. As a team, we want OASS to play a role in bringing the subject of child-trafficking under the global spotlight, engage public reaction and lead to fruitful action. However, the subject chosen is universal, we showcased it in many international film festivals and it was widely appreciated among a global audience.


Lakesha::  Why were you compelled to produce the movie Oass?


Raaj: The first time I met the director Abh, he was a young guy with this story line. I decided that I wanted to share their experiences with the world. I knew that their pain and trauma could never be erased, but their stories could help us by shocking and sensitizing people to the menace of human trafficking which has spread its tentacles all across the globe.


Lakesha: What is the process for getting the movie Oass released in theaters in the states?


Raaj: As a Media/Distribution Consultant and Filmmaker I have knowledge about international distribution. We are working on our distribution strategy for the film. Hope we will release the film worldwide during the first quarter of 2014.


Lakesha:  Are you working on any new projects?


Raaj: I’m currently working on a couple of projects in the U.S. and other parts of world. Our upcoming films are Purple America, Black Home (it’s a political conspiracy based on a true story), The Scare and some international foreign language films. I am also developing one project with Hollywood Actor and Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman.


Lakesha::  What types of movies do you enjoy working on the most?


continued below ...

Raaj: I love working on hard-hitting reality themes, based on true stories that speak of a unique journey of individual life. They’re inspiring and keep us grounded and they are deep. They help me explore a variety of emotions. It’s challenging to unveil the seriousness and motley of situations a human life can face and showcase it in real-time and I enjoy the challenge.


Lakesha:  Please tell us where we can find you or True Cinema online.


Raaj: I’m the president for U.S operations, you can find true cinema at  My other company is 3 Dimension Films it focuses on production and distribution of independent films worldwide. Besides this as a Media/Distribution Consultant and Film Maker I am also a South Asian Regional partner with International Grammy Awards, member of International Producers, Film Makers and Distributor associations and an Executive member of International Documentary Association.


Lakesha: Thank you again for us the opportunity to feature you! Please keep us posted on the developments of your new films and the U.S. release of “OASS”.

Elijah Wells

Enjoy Life: Tell us about some of your recent projects.

Elijah: Recent projects, I just did a short film for the American Black Film Festival called “Welcome to Miami”. It was submitted in a competition for the Youth in Overtown.

Enjoy Life: With “Welcome to Miami” it seemed to be a cliff hanger at the end of the film is there going to be a follow up to that?

Elijah: Um, yes, I’m making a part two called “Battle of the Arts”. It will be about an annual battle between schools.

Enjoy Life: Are you also aspiring to be a screenwriter or just a filmmaker?

Elijah: I don’t want to be known as just a filmmaker. I’m actually working on this play too. I want to be known as many things ... I want to do many genres: films, plays, commercials ...
Enjoy Life: What inspired you to become a writer and filmmaker?

Elijah: Many things inspired me, when I was very young my mother ...

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