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Tyrese Gibson, Good Better, Best

He has a take charge personality and a go-getter spirit. He appears to visualize what he wants out of life and then sets no limits on how hard he has to go to achieve his goals.  During session 3 of his global press teleconference; Tyrese introduced Singer/Songwriter Kenyon Dixon and Hip Hop Producer Seige Monstracity; they're with his publishing company Gibson & Gibson Music Publishing.  The first artist that was signed to Tyrese's label (Voltron Recordz) was

Kristal Lyndriette. Tyrese is determined to not only reach his goals but to also rear his artists in a path of success by personally guiding them. He expressed that his drive keeps him up many nights working while everyone else is fast asleep (in his house). As he talked we listened, it was as though he was the story teller and we were his audience. I was captivated by the deep emotion in his voice, the passion for what he loves ... it was heartfelt. See, that's what makes him so viable ... so needed, so desired - so appreciated. He keeps it real and he allows his spirit to pour into everything that he touches. Its no wonder that he was able to hand pick other artists who are also very much talented and spiritually inclined.

These young men were so humble and they both expressed so much gratitude. This industry has a lot of NEW STYLE dudes and divas who break-out on the scene so 'all about me' until nobody can work with them. So, I'm sure Tyrese must feel amazing to start a label with artists that are not only talented but with ones who are hard working, humble and willing to learn. This blessing is due to him anyway, because you only attract what you are and he exudes a kindred spirit (in comparison to his artists) so they all appear to gel - they're in harmony! Tyrese is presently a member of the group TGT and he's recording his last solo album "Black Rose" which will be released as a double CD and a book. He also disclosed for the first time publicly the name of his new clothing line and fragrance ... Sweet Lady. I had the opportunity and pleasure of speaking with Seige Monstracity and Kenyon Dixon ... please read on!

Seige Monstracity, "Give Me A Beat"

Written by Lakesha Woods - Published November 1, 2013

He was born as Marcus White but to the world of Hip Hop he is a MONSTRACITY ... Seige Monstracity a hot producer with an ear to make music that is transcending a new era of hip hop and the way rappers will deliver their flow.

Initially he wanted to rap, but he found his strength in producing the sound. Thank God he decided to refocus his talent because the sound of his beat is what lured Tyrese to him! Almost like the Pied Pipper ... yes, Tyrese was lured in! Let's take a trip down memory lane:

Seige is from Detroit but he made an ambitious move to Los Angeles - ready to take over the game as many set out to do, but he ended up being homeless for about a month. Down on his luck but up on his faith he scored a job with Guitar Center and what seemed to be a pretty good come-up turned into a full proof blessing.

When you're broke you don't do lunch ... you stay in the office or on the job, drink free coffee or talk as much as you can on your cell phone before its time to head back in. Well, for Seige since he didn't have lunch money he would stay at the store and produce beats. Man, Guitar Center sounds like a cool place to work ... can I get a part-time gig? OK, ok (got side-tracked for a minute) but, yessss ... he was taking advantage of the moment and making his beats hoping that it would lead to money. Well, little did he know his plan was inspired by more than his hunger for extra cash; it was divinely inspired by God. Tyrese came into the store, heard the music, thought it was a MONSTRACITY and the rest is history in the making (and yes, that's how he got the second half of his name).

Since being discovered by Tyrese in 2005 Seige has worked with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, T-Pain, Too Short, Kurupt, Marsha Ambrosius, Busta Rhymes and many others. (-Source; October 31, 2013)

Although he is officially on the map and working with celebrities; Seige told me that one of his biggest goals is to help his sister finish her music project - wow, great producer and awesome brother - you gotta love him!

"Sexy, Sensual & Sensitive - Kenyon Dixon"                     

Written by Lakesha Woods - Published November 1, 2013

Kenyon Dixon says, "Humility is what allows me to make the type of product that I make and stay grounded". Well, I can say this much he most definitely has a product and I can only write passionately about music or an artist that has the ability to invoke emotions. As I'm writing I'm listening to Kenyon's EP "Higher Ground" and yes, he's giving me something I can feel!

His music is sexy, sensual and sensitive to my ears. He's a singer, songwriter and holding his own as one of the new artists on Tyrese Gibson's label Voltron Recordz. He's written songs for Tyrese's album Open Invitation including TGT's hit song "Sex Never Felt Better" (my favorite), "FYH" and "Hurry". 

Kenyon grew up singing in the church and when I asked him why didn't he choose to sing gospel music he said, when he was growing up he wasn't allowed to sing anything but gospel but he always had a love for other types of music and wanted to explore. What surprises me is that his first notion was to be a rapper! But, just like Seige, he too refocused and began to hone his craft as a singer and songwriter. His vocals are smooth and the music is like tender love. Baby, I could a light candle and relax to these grooves - trust and believe - I need a recap so I will be pressing PLAY over and over again! If you don't believe me just listen for yourself, the “The Higher Ground EP” can be download at AudioMack.Com.

Special thanks to Voltron Recordz PR (Ms. La Tasha) for inviting Enjoy Life Magazine to the global press conference and to Tyrese, Kenyon, and Seige for being so down to earth, open and humorous. -Peace and many blessing ~L. Woods