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In this column you can expect to find some of today's best up and coming Hip Hop artists ... interviews, facts, opinions and all things related to the Life of Hip Hop! Disclaimer: Music and comments conveyed by the artist are their opinions and artistic style and do not represent the views of Enjoy Life Magazine. To submit an artist email a press kit along with 2 songs in Mp3 format to:  [email protected]

"GMF A Family Affair"

Written by Lakesha Woods 
Published:  October 22, 2013; Vol. 12 Issue 3

GMF ... Get Money Familia, established in Miami, Florida by Wanda Jones who’s off to a great start as a Record Label CEO. Her group GMF is managed by Open Mouff Management who’s head manager is Terry  Jones - better known as BLADE! Blade is also her brother and together these two are proving that this is one great family affair!

September, GMF launched a test video of their underground single “Parking Lot” which features Yung C a local rapper. Within 3 days the song went viral on the internet and reached over 11k views!

The label officially has rappers, singers and songwriters signed. The first lady of GMF is Ashley A. Marie singer/songwriter who says, “The industry needs me and the industry needs GMF ... GMF does not discriminate, GMF is eclectic.”

Other artists include rappers: Money Mitch, Yourhighness, Run em’ Down Reapah, Can’t Get Rite, Rico Red and R&B Singer/Songwriter One Calo.
All of the artists have known each other since they were young kids and with 3 of the rappers being brothers, I think its fair to say that they’ve grown up together! Being family appears to drive them that much harder to be successful and to get that money! Why? Well, because they all know each others struggles. When you can relate to where someone is coming from it makes it that much easier to push forward to achieve a mutual goal. BUY this issue to check out this article in its entirety.

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"From Morocco to Miami DJ R-WAN is spreading his Electro Groove!"

My interview with DJ R WAN was long awaited. He’s clearly in demand with a very busy schedule and that’s a good thing in the music industry; it shows that his ‘electro groove’ style of music is relevant and it lands him at the top of the ‘A’ list!

At the start of our interview we seemed to have some technical problems. He was in Morocco and our line  had a bad connection. Nevertheless, we finally touched base and I was able to find out what’s up with R WAN.

Here's an excerpt from the interview ...

Lakesha:  DJ R WAN how are you today? Tell us about what you have going right now. How is your tour coming along?

I’m DJ R WAN originally from Paris and I’m on tour all around the world. I did an album in 2011 and

it hit gold with more than sixty thousand copies. Right now I’m on tour working on different projects.

Lakesha: OKAY, that’s great, Where did you get your inspiration for this latest project?

DJ R WAN: My inspiration comes from what I play in the club.  I saw the movement in the club and the music changed.

The music switched in 2006 or 2004  we played just R&B but now we mix the house and electro music that’s why I have a style its called electro-groove.

Excerpt from page 5 of the interview ...

Lakesha: When are you coming to the US?

I have 3 dates in Miami, New York and then I move back to Paris April 14th.

Lakesha: Do you think you’ll ever make the US your home?

DJ R WAN: For the moment I am in Paris and its not easy because I have all of my business here but I will be there 4 months out of the year ...
DJ R WAN: I’m doing sports. I’m a boxer too. I train 4 times a week, I’m really busy in the studios working on projects. My manager is from Vegas and we do a lot of work together. I’m on the plane a lot, I take like 60 planes every year. All the time I travel or a movie ... sometimes movie.

Lakesha: Okay movies, that’s simple!

DJ R WAN: Yeah,  (laughing) I’m really simple .. Really, really simple.

Lakesha: So are there any artists that you have in mind who you’d love to work with?

DJ R WAN: Right now I’m working on two different projects. I’m working on Akon’s project, he has a track with a French artist and I’m working on the beats right now and I work with a project from a girl she is going to sign on Pit Bull’s label and the girl she is from Columbia. To read more buy this issue!

Hey, I'm On the scene - Loving Hip Hop!

EXCLUSIVE!!!      Former   NFL   player   Yeyo   Cintadio   is   now   what    a   RAPPER!

Enjoy Life Magazine was able to catch up with Yeyo Cintadio for an exclusive interview. He talks about how he's transition from being an athlete to a music, Makasi Inc. (his company) and he few things that he wants everybody to know!

"From Football to Rapping!"

Written by Lakesha Woods

When you get right down to it, Yeyo Cintadio is one of the realest artists that I've ever interviewed. No fronting, no coming into the interview like SUPERMAN, he was personable and expressed much love for HIP HOP and music.

Although his career plans weren't exactly mapped out with music as 'PLAN A', the former NFL player stated that music was and is his first love. After getting injured he had to leave football behind but his transition to 'PLAN B'- his music career, so far seems to be a smooth glide.

But, never underestimate his work ethic. Yeyo said, when you see him on stage performing it might seem as though he's just up there having fun but know that he's really worked hard to make the show and his performance a success.

With lyrical content that actually has meaning, Yeyo delivers a conscience message, but overall he has a versatile style and doesn't want to be defined by any one genre of rap. He has the club bangers, something for the ladies, when he's feeling like a "G" he has some hardcore stuff for you and in his moments of reflection he gives his listeners something to think about.

Check out my interview with Yeyo Cintadio above and visit his website at to learn how you can get his music for FREE!

Yeyo Cintadio - "I Know"

YOUNG TIP! "Give Me A Minute"

Written by Lakesha Woods

With a ready for the world attitude Young Tip is set out to make his mark on the Hip Hop community. Born and raised in Charlotte, NC Young Tip says he pushed himself to be in the Hip Hop community. He says the love of music got him interested in becoming a rapper but more than anything it was the wack rappers that he would hear on the radio and he felt that if they're making it, he could make it. Some of his inspirations are Eminem and T.I.. He says it's not about the fame for him but he openly acknowledges that he wants to acquire wealth and he wants to use his money to start a business and help the people in his circle. He says a lot of people don't get a shot to do something positive because of their past and he wants to be able to help people in those types of situations. Read more about Young Tip in our current issue ... VOLUME 11, ISSUE 1 - BUY IT NOW! 

Here more music by YOUNG TIP here:

"MR. 704, Put It On My Back"

Written by Lakesha Woods

When I met Mr. 704 the first words that came to my mind were hey there big-red! I was like WOW this is a big and tall man and he looks kinda tough. I wondered if he was mean, and if it was going to be hard to interview him, but once we sat down and talked for a bit I got him to break a smile here or there and then I noticed that he's quite down to earth, professional and ready to make things happen with his music career. 
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With a name like Mr. 704 even if you aren't familiar with the area code you?d know that the person wearing the title is representing something or somewhere.  So I asked Mr. 704 to tell me why he chose Mr. 704 as his stage name.  I said, Mr. 704, tell me why you chose that name, why did you take on the responsibility of representing the entire city? He jokingly laughed and said, "I like the way you say, that Mr. 704 you all smiling wit it", then he said, "I chose that name because it's the area code for the city and I wanted to bring some attention to the city along with myself". Mr. 704 boastfully claims that he's ready for the all this attention and responsibility that comes with it he smiled and said, "Put it on my back, I'm ready!" No doubt, he's ready he's been pushing his music since 2002 and working very hard at it, he's ready for the lime light and his hard work is finally paying off. His songs are being played on more than 30 stations in multiple cities, he?s on the road doing radio tours, he's been performing in various states and he says when its time to wrap it all up he wants to bring it back to Charlotte, his city because that's where he's from and he knows that he will get the support that he needs from his people. The response to his music in other cities has been good. Mr. 704 says a lot of people still don?t know that 704 is Charlotte, but that's how he exposes Charlotte and North Carolina. Read more about MR. 704 in Volume 10 Issue 4 (Nov. 2011) BUY NOW!

Hot Pick: MR. 704 - "Hustlin" featuring 8 Ball

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Miami's new Hip Hop Diva, Mz. Lola Lee!

Lola Lee has emerged defiantly on the Miami Hip-Hop scene, redefining femininity for a new generation of female Hip-Hop artist. As one of the leaders of rebel rock inspired and globally marketable artist of 2011, Lola Lee gives as good as she gets. Her newest single entitled ?Pour it Up? leans to the club going audiences taste for quick rhythms and party going feel good lyrics. Her soon to be released single ?How we roll? is  collaboration with a Southern female Hip Hop artist and demonstrates that Lola Lee still has the street street credibility necessary to captivate her urban audiences.   Read more about Lola Lee in  Volume 10 Issue 1 (Jan/Feb. 2011) BUY NOW!

Hot Pick for Mz Lola Lee!

Bay Boy 'Krown Town King'

"I'M FROM EARL VILLAGE ... I SPENT MY WHOLE LIFE Movin' around Charlotte, NC. I've Traveled the whole East Coast (family all over). Errbody know me, but for those who don't, I'M B.A.Y. BOY - THA KROWN TOWN KING!

I BEEN DOING THIS MUSIC SINCE AGE 7. Whether it was banging on tables, lockers, my mamas pots and pans, anything or a freestyle battle; I reign supreme. My first musical encounter with a real label started with ALIAS US REC., Aveion Jones introduced me to this musical world on a major scale. That's when I met Young Prince, and King Carter.


We formed a group, The Litta Bugz. Shortly after we would be going our separate ways, but not before filming a $100.00 music video (the hotness) SHOUT OUT 2 CLIFTON BELL! Statement, courtesy of BAY BOY ...

Read more on BAY BOY in Dec. 2010's Vol. 9 Issue 12. BUY NOW!

Bay Boy's Virtual Player!


Sham Pain!

Bio. Courtesy of gRock Records

Published August 16, 2010

What do you call a man with too much Swagg and a tight Fortune 500 business acumen? We call this man... Sham Pain!

Femi Olu aka Sham Pain is the true definition of Swagg & a hard hitting hustler. The buzz surrounding the album "Recession Proof" and the first single "African Butt" has created a sizable following on all his social networking sites (facebook, myspace, youtube etc). CEO/ Rapper/ Singer/ Songwriter/Producer /Entrepreneur Sham Pain is the true definition of Swagg and a hard hitting educated hustler. Writing, performing and producing all of the songs on the album "Recession Proof" created a mass buzz surrounding this album and the first single "African Butt" and the follow up "Naija Hustle" this has catapulted this artist into the Hip Hop and R&B world. Able to Rap and Sing equally as good is a great asset to have. I have been called "Sham Pain" since early school days and was the name was given to me by my school teacher when I was just 12 years old after she noticed that all/most females liked me and my presence made everyone feel good... so she gave me the name "Champagne", to add a twist to it I just changed the way to spell it.

To read the full article on Sham Pain

PURCHASE THIS ISSUE (August 2010; Vol. 9 Issue 11)

Sham Pain - "Sex Black Chocolate"

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I've personally been in the presence of
DJ MIDWID while he was doing WHAT HE DO at (and while I was on the mic) at
the Literary Cafe & Poetry Lounge (Miami)

Click image to listen to the DJ MIDWID's Podcast

Although its been years since I've seen him DJ in person, I can't help but remember that  he'd always seem to  have the right songs at the right time! Just take a listen ...

Wait! read first, then listen or listen and read! Ahhhh ... make it do what it do!

-Lakesha Woods

Poets are known for weaving words into magnificent metaphors to illustrate the beautiful struggle that is life. And it is imperative that the music played in the venues acts as a soundtrack to the pictures the poets create. And no one does that like South Florida's own DJ Make It Do What It Do. The premier DJ on the South Florida Spoken Word scene. DJ MIDWID, as he is affectionately known possess the unparalleled gift of finding the perfect song to compliment any poets performance. A skill that has made him a local crowd and national (international) Spoken Word Artist favorite.
The New York native shares his love of music by blending some of latest and greatest R&B, Neo-Soul and Hip Hop music to set vibes right and get to get the crowd feeling both mellow and hype on any given night. What started out as a once a week gig at The Literary Cafe & Poetry Lounge,where he is the house DJ, has bloomed into a career as the primary DJ at Spoken Word venues across South Florida.
Branching out DJ Make It Do What It Do is currently working on a pod cast to bring his ear for music to the masses. A technological and advance follow up to his 1st compilation album, simply titled “Spoken Word Lyricists Volume 1” which featured various poets from across the nation some recognized as Russell Simmons's Def Poets and Tony award winners such as Will Da Real One, Georgia Me, and Triple Blakk. It also featured music by Hip Hop and Soul music artist.
To expand his horizons and bring various forms of music to the forefront, DJ MIDWID developed Jazzy Fellow Productions. Through this company  he brings his love of Jazz music to the Literary Cafe & Poetry Lounge the last Friday of every month with the event "Jazzy Fridays", which features some of the best up and coming jazz & soul musicians in South Florida and Poets. As he quickly gains recognition amongst some of the taste makers of Soul & Hip Hop Music there is no telling where you'll see DJ Make It Do What It Do in the near future. This article was submitted by Jazzy Fellow Productions.