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Magazine History


Our first newsletter - 2001

Enjoy Life Magazine is a subsidiary of Ebonie Flare Entertainment, and it is a published titled under River Woods Publishing.  As of January 2011 the magazine is now published in electronic formats such as PDF and Kindle version. It is also available to mail subscribers in print by demand.

Enjoy Life Magazine has evolved to be in a class of its own but it started out as a marketing tool for Slogans Communications (formerly Slogans Right Touch Communications); SLOGANS is a marketing and advertising company that was established by Writer and Entertainer Lakesha Woods on September 30, 2002.

     Going back 1 year before the establishment of Slogans RTC, the concept of Enjoy Life Magazine was actually introduced to the public in 2001. Lakesha would develop ideas for Enjoy Life while she was working at a Call Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As she dreaded her arrival to work, once there she would often pull out a pen and paper to brainstorm for ideas and topics for the magazine. She would do it all between her inbound calls. By the latter part of 2002, Enjoy Life Magazine had a short lived experience as an online publication. With very few readers and sponsors, Lakesha decided to go back to publishing the magazine as a local print circular. Enjoy Life was  distributed by mail and it was used to informed the community of events, affairs, employment opportunities, and business related services related to Slogans RTC. By February 2005 the circular incorporated issues on Lady ROSE Women’s Association, a non –profit organization that Lakesha established to aide women in distress and to promote literacy.

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  Once the two entities were developed (Slogans RTC & Lady ROSE) the amount of information relayed to the public also increased. In return the vast expansion allowed Enjoy Life Magazine to step out as a publication that effectively made it?s presence in the media industry as a source for positive literature. The magazine?s slogan at the time clearly stated the sentiments and beliefs behind the name; Live, Love, Laugh & Learn Enjoy Life!

     Enjoy Life finally started to feel real to Lakesha. After experiencing a period of dead end romances and financial problems, Lakesha found herself writing more aggressively. In moments of despair she began to frequently e-blast her poems and songs to friends and family which ultimately brought on the rebirth of Enjoy Life Magazine online. March 21, 2006, the magazine resurfaced on the internet, but this time it included major improvements. Not only did it provide it's readers with the necessary information to stay abreast to current issues but it debuted as a place for readers to be entertained and it still is!

      With a title like Enjoy Life Magazine this automatically prepares the unconscious mind to expect entertainment! Enjoy Life certainly has that part covered with columns like Music Box which features celebrities. Unsigned Hype featuring the aspiring artist. Relate to Love addresses relationship issues and offers solutions. Literary Box News delivers literary  events, new book releases and spotlights Authors. Poets Pad and Creatively Written features poetry and short stories from aspiring writers. 

     Lakesha says, "Being a single mom and a woman trying to pursue my dreams wasn't always easy. Many times I felt like giving up, and there were times that I did. Through writing I rediscovered a love for poetry, songwriting and music.  I remember finding myself in need of an outlet to express my joys and pains. I also needed a platform to promote my business and then later on my projects as an entertainer. So I turned on my computer and decided to present Enjoy Life Magazine to the World Wide Web. My goal was initially set forth to use Enjoy Life Magazine as my number one promotional tool for every endeavor that I ventured off into. But after publicizing other artists and writers; it became evident that the direction for the magazine was changing. It's become a service engine to help others fuel their dreams and careers.  Today my hope is that this publication will continue to work in favor for all of us - the readers, artist, entertainers, writers and me. My vision for the magazine isn't just to help myself (anymore) but to encourage the readers to follow their dreams (as I am) but most importantly to inspire them to fulfill their destinies and Enjoy Life with every breath that they take."