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Margot Bingham

Margot B. is most known today as Margot Bingham, the actress from the HBO period drama series, Boardwalk Empire. Margot plays the role of Daughter Maitland, a jazz singer. In 2015, Bingham starred as one of the lead characters in the ABC drama series, The Family.  Learn more about the perspective of young "Margot B." in this write-up by Lakesha Woods from 2007. The interview was arranged by the two after they met in New Rochelle, New York, at Club Carib. Margot B. was one of the opening act singers for R&B singer Carl Thomas. 

Always Business, Pain and Pleasure... Margot B.
By Lakesha Woods

Published May 15, 2007 | Updated May 13, 2020

She didn't think that she'd speak again much less sing in front of thousands of people. Margot B, a very headstrong young lady. She's from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and she began her career as an entertainer at the precious age of two. She started by taking acting classes early on, and dance and vocal lessons soon followed. It was during vocal lessons that her instructor realized that Margot's voice always sounded very low. Margot describes it as such, "I was only 8 years old singing in a very low tone. I was eight, and I sounded like Toni Braxton". 

After a consultation with her doctor, it was discovered that Margot had two cysts on her vocal cords. Through surgery, the cysts were removed, but Magot was left speechless for three months; she was mute and could not speak. Once she regained her voice, she had to learn how to sing from scratch. With the help of her mother, who is also her manager, Margot continued to pursue a career in entertainment. At the age of thirteen, she was inspired to write "In My Dreams," a tribute song in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. The song was recorded, received radio play, and considered to be a success for Margot B as a songwriter. It was also one of her most memorable moments. Today the song is played in over 32 states on Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday.

April 30, 2005, Margot B released her first album "Unframed". Since then, Margot has been creating a buzz, and she says that she doesn't mind working for herself. She goes out and promotes her own projects and speaks to promoters or club owners about bookings. She produces her own music when necessary, and she is very eager to collaborate with other artists. Margot has opened for well-known artists such as Kelly Clarkson, Black Eyed Peas, and Carl Thomas. 

Although she admits that she really hasn't found her style just yet, but she is determined to concentrate more on narrowing it down to one style of music. We both agreed that the task of selecting a genre can be challenging, especially when various types of music appeal to an artist. Margot says, "This is a tough industry, and I realize that there are so many people who are trying to make it doing the same thing, and that's why I try to be myself at all times." 

Wanting to stay true to her love of music is most important. Still, she realizes that when it comes to business, the bottom line is that industry giants want to know who and what they have to work with, and without a specific genre preceding her name, then she can't be effectively marketed. She went on to say, "It's always, business, pain, and pleasure, but with having a great team of people, family members like my mom who manages me and my uncle who taught me how to produce and engineer; they give me the support that I need to keep going." As we casually talked about our love for music, we agreed that with all the music genres that we include in our styles, we should say that we're into World Music. I laughed when she told me that she also sings Rock. I said, "But you don't look like a Rocker"! She laughed and said, "I know, but I do sing Soft Rock, Pop, and Jazz and I love Blues"! 

Margot B has a three-phase show depending on the venue and audience. She has a Rock set, Jazz set, and she can either perform with a live band or her DJ! It sounds like this young lady has it covered. For more information on Margot B., please visit her website at

Thanks for sharing your story Margot B!