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Queen Precilla, Healing from the Inside Out

"It's amazing when you're on track fulfilling your purpose, it just moves really fast," says ShAunta Moore. She took a brief moment to reflect on her divinely inspired journey. Then she acknowledged that her latest endeavor, the Queen Precilla Movement birthed into existence all within six weeks.

Moore said she had been doing so many other things for such a long time until one of the affiliates from the Oprah Winfrey Network reached out to her about advertising her book (Breathe). He was impressed with her work. However,  he admitted that he saw so much more inside of her than an author and singer.

He asked her what's close to her heart and encouraged her to follow that passion. ShAunta's response was, "God's people, more importantly, women." ShAunta believes that women are the glue that keeps everything together, and there are no pauses allotted to them. Her theory is that women deal with a chemical imbalance from creation. She explained that women's' hormones before, during, and after our menstrual cycle cause us to deal with many different types of emotions. I agreed that (some) women endure a lot in the course of a month (regarding their menstrual cycles). Considering the premenstrual period ( and PMS) which is about one week before, then the menstrual cycle 4-7 days or ten days for women with more extended periods, and the ovulation period - that's almost a month of changes. We didn't even discuss how women who are going through menopause feel.

The effects of the menstrual cycle were one example that she shared. ShAunta also feels that many women are experiencing pain on the inside from unaddressed and unresolved traumas. As a result of the inner pain, it can begin to show outwardly in their behavior or how they maintain their health.

The name of the organization stems from her late mother, whose name was Precilla. ShAunta spoke highly of her mother and described her as a woman with extreme strength and talent, but also one who suffered silently.

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Written by Lakesha Woods with contributions from Morgan Harrison | Published January 22, 2020

Revised 1/28/2020
She said her mother was the rebellious child who would break every rule to live her best life. She raised her children with a free mindset, so they would understand that there are no limitations.
Even though religion placed a lot of restrictions on her.

ShAunta continued to praise her mom, saying that she was a well-known singer in South Georgia, "a walking band who played several instruments." She was in demand but often felt underappreciated and left wondering if family and friends loved her. She was different, but not in a bad way, but her difference was labeled as wrong. ShAunta told me that a lot of things her mother dealt with was birthed from a chemical imbalance. She went on to say that her mother's issues weren't addressed, her difference wasn't embraced. Instead, she was negatively labeled for everything that she did differently. 

As a result, her mother carried a lot of anger and resentment that became the things that dominated her upbringing. Eventually, her mother apologized for her shortcomings and how they may have affected her parenting. ShAunta says that she had already forgiven her. With the portals of her mind open to effectively reaching women (as she described), God allowed her mind to fall on her mom. And, that is how Queen Precilla Movement became a reality.

Queen Precilla Movement! Yes, the mission is on task to stir up the inside so you can purge things you didn't even know existed. The nonprofit organization has already executed the first event in a series of more to come. "Queen Precilla, Healing from the Inside Out" that's the debuting title for the function coming up Saturday, January 25, 2020. The Worship experience features Marcus Taylor, and the keynote speaker is Dr. Linda Chinn. I asked ShAunta if the event was faith-based or coordinated for a specific religious denomination. She said, it is open to everyone, "I believe denominations just keep gods people divided."

The movement is for the healing of women, but not exclusively for women to heal alone. She said one of the things about the Queen Precilla Movement is that it encourages women to bring their husbands or significant others. She wants men to get to know the most vulnerable parts of their women- the parts that women may not understand themselves. 

To learn more about the Queen Precilla Movement visit:


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