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 The Real Momma Dee - Family, Music, Reality

  Published May 15, 2015

Lakesha:  Hi, is this Momma Dee?

Momma Dee:  Sure is the one and only!

Lakesha:  Wonderful! Wonderful! It is a pleasure to have you on the line with me today.

Momma Dee:   Thank you!

Lakesha: You have been a huge inspiration for many people including single mothers like myself. How has life changed since being on Love & Hip Hop?

Momma Dee:  I came on as supporting cast for my son Lil Scrappy. After the first season the world took me in their bosom and welcomed me and accepted me for who I am. At every turn I tried to be who God made me to be and not who people perpetrated me to be.

Lakesha: Ok. Ok.

Momma Dee:   In other words, I don’t think I’m any better than anybody else’s mother. I love my son just like every other mother it’s just that my life is put before the world to see.

Lakesha: Absolutely...

Momma Dee pauses to gather her thoughts then she says, "Shay who is known as Bucky on the Flavor of Love and Charm School … Her and Scrappy remain undaunted, no matter who he’s with, Shay’s gonna always be somewhere in the cut! As a matter of fact she’s sitting in front of my face now."

Lakesha: Alright! Alright! Well, that’s how it is sometimes, there’s always that love that can’t be broken. That’s amazing…

Momma Dee:   Right. She told me like a month prior to the first season that my life was going to change.
I have you to know, the same week the first season came out I went to Walmart and the tension was so overwhelming.
I wasn’t use to that, it just took me. I couldn’t handle it I had to walk out in tears.

Momma Dee:   When you reach celebrity status some people don’t respect your privacy. When you’re eating, whether you’re with your family or significant other, your kids or grandkids that’s your time. When I’m out eating, some people come up to me and say, hey Momma Dee I don’t mean no harm, can I get a picture of you? While I have a fork in my mouth! But, my life is mine and I know I put my life out there, but I deserve to  have privacy, I deserve to be able to eat a plate of food without being engaged with anyone.

Lakesha:  Being that you draw people so strongly with your straight forward – tell it like it is personality, I could see how people would want to embrace you. They just want to feel your vibe. That’s what it’s all about, but by that same token now we have to respect that you have a private life as well.

Which brings me to my next question. Momma Dee, when did you really realize your talent for singing and songwriting?

Momma Dee:    I was singing when scrappy was a little boy – singing and playing in local bands here in Atlanta, playing keyboards, but when scrappy became a teenager I just gave it up. I said let me focus on my kids. Scrappy is 31, and I have a daughter who is 28 and she’ll be coming on the show later in the season.

Momma Dee pauses for a minute…

You know, it’s just… I love my kids, I love my grandkids. I have 3 grandkids. I have a granddaughter - Princess Imani by Scrappy and Erica ‘of course, and I have two other grandkids by my daughter, 9 years old Chancy Hope and CoriMonay.  Every week I have to see my kids and grandkids. I have to talk to them. If I miss a day, then that’s it, but not the next day.

Lakesha:  Wow, so you have a close connection with your children and grandchildren that’s really good. So how do they feel about seeing their grandmother singing and pursuing your talent and being on television? What do they say to you?

Momma Dee:   Well, they’re happy for me, they’re proud of me. My grandson says, ain’t my granny pretty.

Lakesha:  Ah! (Laughs) Wow! Wow!

Momma Dee:  You know, so, they’re very proud to have me as a grandmother, as well as I am proud of them and I love them. I’ll be coming out with an EP this season. The EP is entitled “Looking for a Better Way”.
It’s going to be a couple of hits on there. I’m collaborating with my son now. He’s doing some rap on there and I’m doing my R&B, so look for it.

Lakesha:  All of your song titles are very meaningful. Do you pull from your personal experiences or are you writing from a creative point.

Momma Dee:  I do it all from my personal experiences. That’s how I do my best writing. What I tend to do is reach the heart of man and people are looking for a better way.

Lakesha:  What advice would give to someone who’s getting a late start on following their dreams?

Momma Dee:  “Chase your dreams to find your strength. Know your weakness and encourage yourself. If you want to achieve you have to persevere.”

Lakesha:  That is it right there – anybody can take that, hit the road, and run with it. Thank you Momma Dee for taking a moment of your time to share with me and the readers of Enjoy Life Magazine. Please let us know where we can find you on social media.

Momma Dee:  Yes, you can follow me @tharealmommadee, that’s Twitter and Instagram and my Facebook – everything’s the same thing. Follow me, I do talk to people. I’m a Twitter junkie. I look forward to people saying positive things, but I know that the world is not going to be positive all the time. But, if they come on there and say something just know that they’re talking to their mother, because I am somebody’s mother and grandmother. And, the world does not have to agree on my life, just enjoy and ride the wind, just like Momma Dee doing, and in – that – order.

When asked what she does to enjoy life, Momma Dee said she cooks! She also wanted you all to see that she is happy and in love with her husband. Check out the picture below, looks like there is a new Sheriff in town!
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