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  On-boarding Next Step!

Congratulations, you've made it to the next step in Enjoy Life Magazine's on-boarding process. Our program requires interns to pay a registration fee of $65.00 to offset the expenses related to sponsoring a privately funded internship program. We pair our interns with experienced mentors and facilitate the program in our offices and/ or approved site locations. We only want to offer this opportunity to individuals who have a sincere passion for the media industry. Your registration also secures your spot in the program.

*You should only complete this step after you have received a confirmation to move forward with the on-boarding process. The registration fee in NON-REFUNDABLE.  Only individuals who have been invited to move forward are allowed to complete the registration. We are no here to collect registration fees so be sure that this is the internship program for you. If you change your mind the registration fee is still non-refundable.

Step Four
After you pay the Registration Fee, if you have not completed an Intake Review, call 404-881-2822 schedule an appointment to speak with the Internship Coordinator and register for Orientation. Your payment will be processed via Paypal. If you have questions or concerns please email [email protected] or call: 404-881-2822.

  Internship Registration fee - $65.00

Registration fee Includes:
Background Check
 Criminal background check, processed by third party.
 Media Credentials
 Media badge with your image, company information and ID number
 Office Incidentals
  Office supplies not returned, broken items, unreturned equiptment
 Business Cards
 Company branded business cards with your contact information
 Technology Fee
  i.e., email address, softwares, devices, etc.
*The above fees total $130.00. Enjoy Life Magazine Internship Program covers half of the expenses for candidates who are accepted into the program.