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By Anthony Williams Jr. (NEW)

Who am I without you,
where would I be?

A Lonely man with half a soul...

You have been here with me through
my ups and downs.

No matter how much we fight you stick around.
People try to find our love, but it's never found.

Who am I without you, and where would I be? Just a lost man floating in the sea.

You're my everything, my friend and my queen.

With you there's life of hopes and dreams.
Who am I without you,
where would I be?

You're strong when I'm weak so without you I'm easy to defeat.

You're my backbone...
I need you next to me.

You're my oxygen...
the air I breath.

Who am I without you, and where would I be?

These are the questions I ask, but never want to see.

I love you now and I will love you forever. I can't wait to come home so my day will be better.

© 2015
Anthony Williams Jr.

By Laneisha Wells

Who knows if what we had was true

I stared into those dark eyes and ask myself...

Can I believe or just dare to believe in my dream
So I put my heart on the line
and what do you do

You crush what little I gave
As if it wasn’t meant for you

I guess I was silly to believe
that you would come through,
but that’s what I get for thinking you would give up those so called 'just friends' who always ended up on the other end.

As I reminisce on the past
I see myself loving you giving you all that I had.

I cried many nights thinking of what I could change, but not one thing could be found.

So now I guess it's on you
I lay here in the mist of it all 
Praying that I could have all that I gave because now I realize the love was meant for me and not for you... If you know what I mean.

That's the beauty of it all... my

mind body and soul will heal.

But, then, there's my heart...
Remember the one you broke?

But don't drop a tear for me
There's surely no need
because now I have what truly

wasn't going to be found in you

He is what I would call a diamond in the ruff...

He was always there but some how I picked you...

And now am falling for my prince
That was supposed to be found in you.

But, all that was there was lies and deceit, which you gave to me like a treat...

Don't be surprised when I love him with all I got because I did it for you without any thought...

Hopefully we can be friends doesn't that sound familiar. That's what you told me at the End.

© 2008
Laneisha Wells

By Lakesha Woods

Hiding from my inner self

wanting to be free…

Longing for a man but not even able to understand me

Not able to understand why my emotions were so high

Trying to answer my problems by loving a guy

And when it didn’t work I asked myself why

Why can’t I love myself?

Why am I living a lie?

Never guessing that my heart would lead me astray...

But it surely did and I surely had to pay...

I paid a high price for denying myself love.


Beautiful on the outside and hurting deep within...

Emotions set free and now I can start again.


Learning to love myself and learning how to express the best part of me.

Not just the distressed feelings but everything good within me

Accepting reality and who I truly am...  just, loving, loving, loving me.

By Lakisha M. Johnson

I sleep but I'm always awake

my dreams tell me things my reality can't take.

Any pain and harm I am supposed to feel its taken care of in my dreams like its no big deal.

My dreams protect me because my reality is so fragile

Therefore you can't take an inch and turn it into a mile.

We all need protection from something or someone at all times.

Your feelings are just as precious as mines.

I sleep but I am always awake

my nightmares tell me things that my reality can't take.

You appear in them every night

I toss and turn..

I try to fight..

You destroy me all the time in my mental because you don't understand what I've been through.

Its all a game to you you've never acknowledged how you've broken me down.

You've changed my world and everything I surround.

You've showed me fear, helplessness, death and complete violation.

How could you possibly tell me its all in my imagination?

I sleep but I'm always awake

My dreams tell me things that my reality can't take. 

An oratorio entitled "Falling for You"
By Lakesha Woods

*An oratorio is a poem set to music.

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