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Sound Check - Black Rose Album Review

If I had to sum up the album with only one word it would be WET. Hold on, you don’t need to grab your reading glasses – you read it right! Now, I will need you to grab a seat. I’m about to give you a word play session to describe exactly how Black Rose makes me feel. And, if I know anything about good music and love, then I’m sure this album will please you too.


Tyrese out did him self on this one.  The ballads are sensual, seductive, and justified with lyrics that pour out pain from what is obviously the broken heart of a man. When he said this would be his most vulnerable album he did not tell a lie. With every riff and belt of a note my blood pressure rises.  


“Shame” is undoubtedly the best R&B song of the year. I’ve always said, when it comes to selecting a man, there’s nothing more important than the content of his heart. “Shame” clearly defines an imperfect man. A man who’s sorry and ashamed of his indiscretions, yet a man whose heart is so sincere; he just can’t go without begging for forgiveness. He’s flawed, but perfect because he’s willing to admit that he was wrong.


Then there are songs like “Waiting On You” and “Prior To You” that are simply feel good tunes – we needed this. No rap on these songs, just feel good melodies and harmonies with lyrics that hold deep meaning.


This album is WET! I’ve had it on repeat at least 4 days in a row.  I feel like I’m going through the motions - in tears because I feel his pain; in love because the songs give me hope, and all wet – cause I have to stay in the shower to cool off! No lie…


Sad to say, Black Rose is Tyrese’s last solo album, and boy did he set the bar high for those who will follow him. His revival of R&B will certainly leave him marked as one of music’s living legends.  


It’s been a long time since I’ve heard music that puts me in the “repeat zone”, but Black Rose is a testament which proves that R&B is still alive. It also proves that R&B lives in our hearts and souls – it’s not limited to the greats that were here years ago.  I’m so glad Tyrese put his soul into Black Rose.  This album is filled with love making music – baby, take your time – get it right – slow motion – foreplay type of music! Remember the days when you’d wait up to hear the smooth groove segment on the radio? Well, that’s what you’ll get with Black Rose – smooth grooves!


Tyrese is addictive altogether, but his voice is an invisible DRUG! Ladies, if you need to get right just listen to Tyrese break it down in “Gonna Give You What You Need”.  In his opening line he says, “Baby I just wanna leave it in… damn…” YES! He really said that! Tyrese please stop teasing us… on second thought don’t stop… don’t stop… don’t stop TYRESSSSEE!  Ok, ok – I went there… or should I say I got there?


Mmmhmm…I'll let you all linger on that.


All jokes aside, let me be completely honest; Black Rose is sweet – no gimmicks just pure unadulterated passion.  So buy it - it'll make you WET!

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Sound Check

"Black Rose Album Review"

 Written by Lakesha Woods

 Published July 17, 2015


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