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Bobby Banks

Published February 19, 2015

Bobby Banks is from Barnesville, GA, 23 years old and currently residing in Macon. Singing has always been apart of his life. He started singing very early and can remember singing for classmates when he was in pre-k. He also sang in the choir at Greater MT Zion Baptist Church in Thomaston, GA.


Discovering a love for music and his talent for singing was something that Bobby said he did all on his own. He was in and out of foster care since the age of 1. Bobby said his biological mother gave me up and his father was a big drug dealer who was in prison quite often. However, when his father was released he returned for Bobby. He credits his father as the person who exposed him to various types of music. Bobby holds on to memories of riding in the car with him and listening to the radio. His biggest motivation is his father, but musical influences include Michael Jackson and Usher.


He enjoys older music from artists like James Brown, Michael Jackson, and Otis Redding. With an artist line-up like this it’s not hard to believe that his favorite songs are love songs and inspirational music. Occasionally he sings in Macon, Georgia at a local bar called Overtyme. Currently he is working on a new mixtape and it is scheduled to be released during the latter part of February.


Bobby’s life experiences have taught him to lean on his faith in God and he wants to the public to know that he is a firm believer in God, but not a follower of religion. He says his music is not of this world… his music has a purpose and a positive reach.


Bobby’s target audience is the youth in the ghettos. He recalls being a child and watching music videos, seeing artist with a lot of material things, and feeling bad after realizing that he didn’t have what the celebrities portrayed to have. Bobby’s goal is to show the youth (through music) that material things don’t make you any better or any less of a person. As a songwriter, he holds a high standard for himself and he wants to make sure that his lyrics are speaking truth and positivity to his listeners.


You can find Bobby Bank on Facebook by searching Bj Banks and on Youtube at bobbybanks or bj23 or click the icons below.

Bobby Banks feat. Oneway "Hatin' On Me"

   Don Don ft. Bobby Banks "PAID MY DUES"


Michael Dade is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina. He has a new single out called "Price To Pay". Michael says he wrote the song because it has a lot of meaning to him. He says it is a reflection of how he feels about the corruption that is going on in the music industry and politics. His view is that if he has to sell his soul he would rather walk away from it all. He's been a working performing artist for about five and half years and has had a couple of records played on main stream radio. He expressed that he feels really blessed to have the gift of music and the ability to share it with others. He is performing around town in Charlotte, but not much Pop music, more so his original acoustic songs and acoustic covers with his band Brothers Creed. The members of the band include Derek Stapp and Jack McCaffrey . He's been traveling to South Carolina as well to do shows there and had a brief stint in Los Angeles, but due to budget restrictions he had to move back to Charlotte. No worries though, Michael is very persistent and determined to make it as a musician. To listen our interview online please visit my podcast at and click on the 'podcast' link. You can find Michael Dade's music online at Reverbnation You can also click the following logos to find him on social media:

Written by Lakesha Woods / Published March 15, 2014